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Short vid

2010-01-23 15:39:25 by kiaraneko


I did a small vid on an appeal of Psygirl, which is to short to be uploaded on Newgrounds. But if you want to wach here it is.

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Don't know what I'm doin wrong but allways after uploading vids on youtube they lose way of quality p.q

Workin on 5

2009-11-01 18:10:39 by kiaraneko

Okay for my fifth vid I'm tryin out some different styles to improve my pics, so this part might take alittle longer. But to show you what I'm doin I upload a pic of different Narutos of the next, so you can compare the different styles and tell me what you like most.

Workin on 5

I'm off (dunno how long)

2009-09-23 06:44:24 by kiaraneko

Hi everyone,
for those wondering, why I'm not doing anything here: My PC crashed and I'm not able coming online or working on my Flashes. And to those wise guys asking how I write this: It's my mothers notebook, but I'm usually not allowed using it.

I'll tell, when I'm back

EDIT: I'm back (don't wanna make a news for this)

What the ...

2009-09-10 15:48:04 by kiaraneko

I've been unscouted!? Why, is my art that bad??


2009-07-17 14:27:50 by kiaraneko

I've been scouted! So you can see my ... well ... "special" Art now in the Art Portal. I can't wait for reading reviews XD

People asked me...

2009-06-25 13:02:42 by kiaraneko

... where I got these pics for my header and profile-picure. (Yeah they realy did, wich makes me kind of proud) Well, okay, I drew them. Acualy I'm much better at drawing with a real grafic program than with flash. But animating like that woul meen, importing every singel shape, that could move as a pic. Since there are many things moving in a good animated flash (and still many in mine), this woul mean rather high file sices. And it would meen, that making the flash bigger, than I drew it woul look ... well ... it would suck. In the flash I'm workin on at the moment (No 4) I played around a little with images at the first scenes... Okay to make my point: I'm not going to animate with images exclusive, but since I've been so happy you like my pics I decided to post some when I've got time or somethig for it.

Today: Prominent opponents of SasuNaru

PS: I'd like to know, wether you realy want me to post those pics, since they are kind of a bit work, so I don't want to make them, if no one wants to see them...

People asked me...

What do you think?

2009-06-11 12:33:33 by kiaraneko

I've played around a little for my fourth flash. Since I've got some free dayes now and the weather is kind of ... well ... crapy. I'll have lots of time working on my fourth flash. I've just finished the first scene and send a pic from it, asking what you think about this. I'm waiting for some anwers (I hope someone reads this).

@Nilesiwa: Look he's got eyebrowns ^^

What do you think?

Third vid out

2009-06-07 08:39:23 by kiaraneko

My third vid was released and passed yesterday. It's completly in English, but still with English subs. Hope you enjoy it.
And with this my redesign is out, too. New header, new icon and pic.

third vid in work

2009-04-23 14:08:33 by kiaraneko

After some idea battlin' on my mind, I decided to make my third vid completly in English (well except for "without words" scenes ;p ) Here xou can see an exclusive screenshot of the vid, wich will hopefully come out soon. I'm really curios to see wether the language will afect the score.

third vid in work

and the second one's out too

2009-04-10 21:52:55 by kiaraneko

I finished my second vid! Yeah I followed your advices and I think this ones better. Hope you will enjoy it. And yes I started that vid before I posted the first one here. So the next one will take more time. I still need to get some ideas :-( But I'm enthusiastic and shure you won't have to wait long :-)