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People asked me...

2009-06-25 13:02:42 by kiaraneko

... where I got these pics for my header and profile-picure. (Yeah they realy did, wich makes me kind of proud) Well, okay, I drew them. Acualy I'm much better at drawing with a real grafic program than with flash. But animating like that woul meen, importing every singel shape, that could move as a pic. Since there are many things moving in a good animated flash (and still many in mine), this woul mean rather high file sices. And it would meen, that making the flash bigger, than I drew it woul look ... well ... it would suck. In the flash I'm workin on at the moment (No 4) I played around a little with images at the first scenes... Okay to make my point: I'm not going to animate with images exclusive, but since I've been so happy you like my pics I decided to post some when I've got time or somethig for it.

Today: Prominent opponents of SasuNaru

PS: I'd like to know, wether you realy want me to post those pics, since they are kind of a bit work, so I don't want to make them, if no one wants to see them...

People asked me...


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2009-06-25 14:03:45

Well, I like the pic. But If making those pics affects your flashes, I'd prefer if you'd make your flashes!


2009-06-25 17:12:32

I like the pictures as well, but maybe you could include them in your flashes? Not exactly animating them, but using them as intermissions between each animation within the flash like you did with characters riding the balloons in the first one. Or maybe you could include them as extras within the flash.

I say that because I don't think many people read journals.

kiaraneko responds:

But, nobody liked the characters flyin around with the baloons... :'-(


2009-07-12 15:31:36

Actually, there's a way you can draw pictures like that on flash, its complicated though.
But Hey! If you prefer drawing rather that animating, Newgrounds has an art portal!
Those drawings are lovely.

kiaraneko responds:

Thx I think I'll sublit the next pic on the Art Portal and not in my News. (Is the Art Portal new, I really didn't recognized it before...) But I won't stop flashing XD


2009-07-12 15:36:50

U should make hentai flashes!


2009-07-12 18:56:54

Well, people may not have liked the balloons, but sometimes it's nice to have creative intermissions.

I find the picture in this journal ironic, since each of your animations shows at least one example of SasuXNaru. :P

kiaraneko responds:

*grin* yep I acually think like SasuNaru for Fun Flashes, but I'm no SasuNaru fangirl. To be true I'm not even a yaoi fangirl...