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2009-07-17 14:27:50 by kiaraneko

I've been scouted! So you can see my ... well ... "special" Art now in the Art Portal. I can't wait for reading reviews XD


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2009-07-25 21:19:56

I'm glad you were scouted. Now we get to see some of your art.

About what you said in your "Emily" picture: I think that most people didn't comment about the three girls in your fourth flash is because they didn't think about doing so. I know that is the case for me. So don't think it isn't because people didn't like them.

I mentioned that here because I wasn't sure what else to say if I reviewed it, other than it being good.

One last thing: Would you be interested in working together sometime? I'm not an artist, but I am quite a writer (so I've been told). I could come up with scripts for scenes if you're short on ideas.

We do not have to work together, but I thought I would offer.