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What do you think?

2009-06-11 12:33:33 by kiaraneko

I've played around a little for my fourth flash. Since I've got some free dayes now and the weather is kind of ... well ... crapy. I'll have lots of time working on my fourth flash. I've just finished the first scene and send a pic from it, asking what you think about this. I'm waiting for some anwers (I hope someone reads this).

@Nilesiwa: Look he's got eyebrowns ^^

What do you think?


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2009-06-11 16:14:15

Looks good so far. I like that you're doing the English songs, but I did like seeing German songs as well. The chorus of "Mein Bester" by Die Prinzen Freund might be something to consider for your flashes.


2009-06-12 16:57:51

Whoops. I made a typo in my previous comment. I meant to say "Mein Bester Freund" by Die Prinzen.

(Updated ) kiaraneko responds:

no prob I saw what you meant ;) But the reason for me making English Flashes is not a lack of German ideas (in fact it's harder in English 'cause most songs have allready been used), it's more 'cause some people complained about it. But I might use some German sequences again in my future flashes.


2009-06-12 21:16:26

Yeah. I realized that was the reason. I had read your previous journal about that. I was just encouraging you not to completely give up on the German songs.

And yeah, I'm also "threebulls".


2009-06-13 07:43:18

That pic's really nice. And I would apreciate it too, if you'd use German scenes again. But I do understand, if you don't want to, 'cause not using English audio seems to affect the score. Well I just hope No. 4 's coming soon.

kiaraneko responds:

Yeah perhaps I'll do, I'm runing out of English ideas anyway...


2009-06-13 16:12:15

You could do both in a single flash, or maybe do a German one for every two or three English ones.

Also, would you need help with anything? I can't help with actually animating anything, but I can offer suggestions and critiques.

(Updated ) kiaraneko responds:

Well, the only thing I might need is a voice actor, 'cause my voice is actually much to feminin to give it to a male character.
For suggestions I'm allways open. At the moment I'm searchin for some new English ideas. I've finished four scenes by now and don't know what to use now T.T I'm just thinking 'bout a "Sasuke on drugs"-scene, but I'm not shure wether this is wanted to see, but I've got such a cool song for it... What do you think?


2009-06-14 16:09:04

Not sure if I'd be able to voice act due to the current lack of equipment.

I'm also not sure about the sasuke on drugs idea. I would have to have more information about it. Post the details here or send me a note with the details. I may not be able to animate or draw well, but I have "a director's eye."

As for an idea for English song, what about using the fat ninja for the English song "I'm Fat" by Weird Al Yankovic? The song is a parody of "I'm Bad" by Michael Jackson, which you may also want to consider using, possibly with Gaara.

kiaraneko responds:

Orochimaru is the only Michal Jackson ;)


2009-06-15 18:32:57

Well, in the song "I'm Bad", Michael Jackson is suppose to be a good guy who is still "bad". I don't know if Orochimaru is on the side of good or not; I don't watch the show. My knowledge comes from other sources, mostly flashes such as yours.